About Us

Irish Barista Academy offers 1-day practical barista training courses in Dublin & Galway City Centre that will equip participants with the necessary skills and knowledge to engage in work as a proficient barista. Attendees will spend the day on the espresso machine honing their skills under the guidance of our expert trainers. They will perfect their coffee making ability from bean grinding to espresso pouring and milk texturing techniques. Bolstered by elements of coffee theory, the journey from farm to cup, and work-flow – this is a well-rounded full-day course for the aspiring barista.

Unique from any other course offered in Dublin & Galway, we will link you with our experienced consultants who can offer immediate barista job opportunities to successful participants.  The Irish Barista Academy is Skillnet affiliated, get in touch with us to learn how we can provide subsidised training to member companies.